Cancel Claro Plan – How to Cancel a Claro Plan or Subscription

Cancel Claro Plan – How to Cancel a Claro Plan or Subscription

Getting a subscription to any plan is obviously the result of the best possible choice. But sometimes things do not work for us as they used to for other people. Maybe that is why every service company has loyal customers because for those it works the best. If you are not satisfied with the services of the Claro plan and want to cancel the plan so there is nothing to worry about. Many people do this and switch to something they find best according to their requirements and budget. So continue reading to get an answer to the procedure of how to cancel Claro plan – how to cancel a Claro plan or subscription.

Cancel Claro Plan – How to Cancel a Claro Plan or Subscription 

Claro services are not satisfactory? 

If you find that Claro’s services are not satisfactory and decide to switch to any other service then there is a very simple step to be followed. You can either simply file your complaint by calling their customer service or just drop your request. However, Claro PQR allows you to make your claim or share some suggestions that are highly appreciated by the team.

As Claro is a quite famous telecommunication company in Columbia and offers one of the best services to its users nationwide. The company has a huge number of clients so it is widely accepted that their customer service is also appreciated.

How to cancel Claro plan? 

To cancel Claro plan there are many methods which you can adopt. Every method is efficient and simple in its own way but you may select whatever suits you the best. 

  • If you wish to cancel Claro interest service or line service. You just have to dial the code which is #611. By dialing this code you have to select options 1, 3, and 2 respectively. 
  • You can also create your claim by visiting the Claro service store. You can make your PQR about how to cancel a Claro plan by a physical visit. 
  • fax can also be sent to the number 7421285. 
  • Claro customer service also allows its users to send certified mail to Carrera 68a #24b – 10 plaza Claro, Bogotá.
  • If you are connected with Claro service providers through any social media platform. Then you can make your complaint there and ask them to help you to proceed. 

How to change Claro Plan?

Claro being a service provider have many options for its clients to select from. It not only offers prepaid and postpaid services but also has packages for music and high-quality videos. If you want to cancel the existing Claro plan and switch to another plan then here is what you need to know first.

Claro only offers the change in plans to those who are postpaid clients and consumes up to 75% or 100% of their consumption. That means if you are a loyal customer of Claro with high consumption then you will get access to such an offer of change in plan.

Claro invites its customers through SMS and offers this special service that you may say is their premium service to special clients.

Basically, the change in plan offer is a better offer to attract more customers. Such an offer will get activated automatically when you will reach 100% of your consumption. From your month-end date, the offer will be granted to use 2G and will be valid for 30 days.

How to cancel Claro home? 

Are you planning to cancel Claro Hogar service? Are the telephony service, Claro TV, and internet services provided by Claro not satisfactory for you anymore? Then you can cancel it anything whenever you want.

To cancel Claro Hogar service you have to contact Claro customer service providers. There are two methods for this. The first one is by visiting the Claro service center and requesting your cancelation. Another option is to contact their customer service representative by dialing 7500500 (Claro Bogota customer service) or 018003200200 (National customer service).

How to cancel Claro subscription? 

Are you the one who is tired of being interrupted by random promotional SMS sent by Claro subscription? You can cancel the Claro subscription anytime within a few minutes. Do not get irritated by anything because for Claro their customers come first. Go through the simple methods to cancel Claro subscription. 

  • The very first option is to send the word “EXIT” to the number from which you are getting promotional SMS. Just reply “EXIT” to that number and it will stop annoying you. 
  • When a client gets an SMS regarding consumption and payment, one can simply reply by sending “NO” to that number. By sending this SMS it will automatically cancel your subscription from the current active package. But you will have to pay your bill and clear your dues for sure. 
  • Another way to cancel Claro subscription is through a website or application. When you log in to your account you will get the option of “Content Subscription” from the “My Claro“ category. Select your subscription option and deactivate it by just clicking on it. 

You will get a confirmation SMS from the company to confirm your identity then your subscription will be canceled. Hence you will no longer receive any SMS from customer service. This will take a maximum of 3 working or business days. Generally, the process is really quick and you will get a confirmation SMS within a few minutes. 

If you are getting any SMS after confirmation of subscription cancelation then contact their helpline to get rid of it immediately. 

Claro Bill Payment 

Paying the bill of the Claro plan or subscription is as simple as any other payment nowadays. Claro offers multiple payment methods which include online payment, payment through cash, payment through mobile phone, and many more.


Cancel Claro Plan and subscription is simple you just need to know the available method only. There are multiple sources through which you can cancel your plan and subscription. However, Claro also offers a change-in plan service to its customers who consume up to 75% or 100% regularly. Such clients get an additional benefit from the company.

However, the company values its customers and is famous as the best service provider nationwide. So, if there is any complaint you can feel free to contact its helpline or adopt any other method that is mentioned above. Surely you will be happy with their service and recommendation this to others too.

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