Carpet Bomber – A Complete User Guide

Carpet Bomber – A Complete User Guide

Having bad stains on your carpet or sofa? Was your child put marks on your valuable item? Do not worry as carpet Bomber cleaning solutions will help you out without any professional help. There is no need to replace your asset you can clean it and it will be as good as new. Well before any application of carpet bomber – a complete user guide is what you need to go through.

If you love cleaning or your kids love to make art on the carpet or your couch you can buy a cleaning machine to have frequent cleaning done. Because the old stains are so annoying and are difficult to be removed completely. By this, you can also collect dust that managed to skip from your regular cleaning.

If you are having pets at home, you will definitely find your filter filled with hair or feathers. You will be surprised by the cleaning and how much dust and stains are still there even if you are a regular cleaner. For best hygiene, these practices are recommended to be adopted. Continue reading to know more about how it works and why it is an amazingly designed product.

Carpet Bomber – A Complete User Guide

How to use a carpet bomber? 

Using any product for cleaning purposes is not an issue if you are not overdone it. Just like any other task, cleaning requires an accurate amount of solution to be used in an efficient manner. Read further for some simple tips and tricks or for a complete user guide that may help to get better results without any professional help.

Step#1- Assembling the machine

Every brand and product has its own unique way of being assembled. A huge number of attachments packed in a large box may result in much confusion. But there is nothing to worry about as we have a perfect way out of this. Just be smart enough to follow the instructions properly. There are multiple attachments for different purposes which help to get the desired results in various ways. You can simply get the basic information from the manual provided. Else you can follow the pictures and get a better idea. For more details, you can have a look at its website. Apart from all this, just write the model number of your product and you will find tons of videos related to your subject.

Step#2 -Mixing the P&S carpet bomber solution

There is no difficulty in making or mixing the solution but to get the perfect result with fewer efforts here is a tip. The results of the P&S carpet bomber are just WOW!! You will become its fan and know that the hype is worth it. Use the water tank of your machine and make sure to have it filled half with warm water. Insert the solution or cleaning agent into the tank and fill the remaining half with normal tap water.

This mixture having warm water will do wonders in removing the stains in a much easier way. Remember, while cleaning anything -the use of warm water will make the process quick and efficient. The stubborn stains are so hard to remove but by using warm water you can remove them with just a little effort. 

In cleaning the cars, people also use the steamer to have efficient cleaning while some of the areas may require extra chemicals or scrubbing to remove the stain. Make sure to have a cleaning process frequently as the old stains are not easy to remove. 

Step#3–Handling the cleaning process

It is always recommended to start cleaning from the edge or corners. As this not only makes the process smooth but also the drying process will be much easier. You already have a water tank filled with the solution or cleaning agent, you just have to wipe the surface slowly and evenly. Press the trigger where you want more solutions to be poured.

If there is any bad stain you can repeat the process of cleaning back and forth to make sure it cleans properly. As there are many products available in the market, handling has been much easier than before. You will enjoy the cleaning process as it gives an individual remarkable satisfaction.

Carpet Bomber – A Complete User Guide for Professional Results 

Anyone can use this but to have professional results there are some basic tips or you may call them the secrets of professionals. The first one is the use of warm water which is already mentioned before. Then comes the use of a sucker which not only sucks dust particles but also an excessive amount of water. When water is already collected then it only takes a few hours to completely air dry the product.

Many professionals do the step of sucking twice or thrice in order to reduce the drying time. In that case, you can use the item immediately right after the cleaning but at least two hours of drying is recommended to avoid any smell.

To clean the stubborn stains, many times the use of vinegar is adopted as it works as a cleaning agent but remember excessive use of any product may result in the faded color of your item. Also, you cannot use a mixture of carpet bomber and vinegar for cleaning clothes as this is a harsh solution that may damage delicate fabrics.

So, never use anything just by yourself. If you are willing to try something you have not done before then use only a small amount of carpet bomber chemical to have an initial idea.

How to clean fabric bombers?

So here the cleaning procedure is much more delicate. You have to use a damp cloth (any soft fabric will be fine) and use a light solution of any cleaning agent. First clean with the help of cloth then to wipe the remaining solution you can use a wet sponge to absorb it properly. In the end, let it air dry completely before any further use.

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