Home Depot Dropshipping

Home Depot Dropshipping

With home depot dropshipping being the hot topic for a considerable period of time, it is the first — or at least comes in the top 3— choice when someone thinks about starting a business. Notwithstanding, it is not as easy as it may seem in your head. With that being said, there arises a few questions like, is there an enormous scope of success? Yes. Is it a less congregated niche? No. Sad but true. Nonetheless the demand, the market is deeply and richly saturated, in most of the niches.

Now that we have stated the problem, and probably left you slightly bewildered, let’s also talk about the solutions. Of course, we are not going to leave you with a new problem that presumably never really crossed your mind, or even if it did, you didn’t take it seriously.

One of the most profitable unsaturated dropshipping niches is house-improving items. And this is where Home Depot comes in. Hold up, allow us to convince you how dropshipping from Home Depot will help you establish a stable dropshipping business.

Home Depot Dropshipping

home depot dropshipping saturated or unsaturated

Dropshipping Saturated Or Unsaturated?

If you check most dropshipping niches, the popular ones are indeed saturated; however, that does not mean you have no chance. There is still a huge scope as this is a gigantic world with a hefty number of products getting multiplied by their attributes and buyers. And this is only about the niches that are crowded. Then comes the ones that are not very popular, yet.

Saturated dropshipping niches include beauty products, men’s and women’s clothing, branded items, kitchen gadgets, electronics, fitness equipment, skin care, jewelry, etc. Basically, everything that comes to your mind within a second of someone mentioning ‘lifestyle necessities’. Not-so-saturated niches may include pet care, organic products, decoration items, customized merchandise, anything aesthetically pleasing, DIY tools, house security gadgets, unique stationery items, baby products, anything eco-friendly, anything that’s— about to or —a newly born trend, etc.

How to Avoid This?

The easiest way to maximally avoid saturation is to simply change the platform. Instead of going for hot places for resellers like Amazon or AliExpress, go for Home Depot Dropshipping. This will easily give you more exposure to clients and less crowded niches.

You may ask yourself; if I’m only listening about it now, do people really know about this? Of course, they do, Home Depot first came to the face of the earth in the late 1970s. Yes, it may not be as popular as other dropshipping platforms worldwide, but it is surely in Mexico, Canada, and 50 states of the US. Even if someone is living under a rock, it’s only a matter of time before they will find out about it.

What is Home Depot?

what is home depot

Home Depot is one of the largest, oldest, and most reputable house improvement retailers. Founded by a group of 5 people namely Bernard Marcus, Ken Langone, Ron Brill, Arthur Blank, and Pat Farrah, in the late 1970s in Georgia US. This American home improvement retailer company is insanely famous in Canada, the whole US, and Mexico. Home Depot is one place where you can buy and sell anything and everything one may need related to their home. From storage boxes to home security essentials to furniture, Home Depot has got it all under one roof— well technically— one website.

Why Choose Home Depot Dropshipping?

pros of home depot

High Quality In Fair Prices

Home Depot dropshipping provides you with one of the most important factors in any business, that is, trust. With their years and years of hard work, they have managed to keep their quality super high and prices fairly low. While doing so, they maintained healthy customer service. This has built an indestructible trust in customers. With already low prices, Home Depot offers a 30 days guarantee of low prices. This allows you to ask for compensation if, within 30 days of buying, it is up to a discount.


Besides quality, rates, and trust, Home Depot also provides strong policies that help beginners start without worrying about damage. For instance, return policy, easy and fast delivery, cheap prices, even free delivery upon ordering specific amounts of pieces, etc. Thus, home depot dropshipping allows you to start your dropshipping business easily.


Home Depot dropshipping provides multiple options to choose from:

  • 3 to 5 days — standard delivery (default)
  • 1 to 3 days — priority delivery
  • 2 days — expedited delivery
  • 1 day — express delivery

Other fancy delivery offers:

  • Cost saver — for smaller orders (packages weighing less than 1lbs).
  • 2 days free delivery — on their bestseller products which numbers over a million.
  • Free delivery — on the purchase of 45 dollars or above (cannot be split. Must be sent to the same address).


Their unique products are one of the many reasons why interior design enthusiasts are attracted to Home Depot. House-related products are always needed, but with this new trend of converting everything into Instagrammable, people will soon need home-improving items to make their perfect Pinterest-inspired house. This is still somewhat in trend but soon its fame will spread like fire in the woods. This is what we call an upcoming trend and it’s crucially important in starting any business, to have such keen far-sighted eyes to recognize an upcoming trend.


Unlike many online stores, Home Depot accepts every worldwide used payment method like Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, etc. Allowing you quick payments without having to worry about getting your hands on a payment method not so commonly available in your country.


What if we tell you Home Depot serves over 2O million customers every 7 days? What if we tell you they have around 10 to 20 thousand suppliers? You will probably say we are exaggerating, so here is a fraction of what Home Depot dropshipping has to offer:

  • From kitchen cabinets to faucets to organizers.
  • From toilet paper to bathtub to utility essentials.
  • From carpets to bamboo flooring to tiles.
  • From car accessories to covers to auto parts.
  • From wallpaper to light switches to intercoms.
  • From doorbells to fire extinguishers to carbon monoxide detectors.
  • From wall art to blinds to windows.
  • From knobs to mats to doors.
  • From dishwashers to microwave ovens to refrigerators.
  • From coffee table to chairs to bedroom set.
  • From lawn to outdoor BBQ to pool, etc.

Cons of Home Depot

cons of home depot

No Custom Packing

Home Depot drop shippers do not get custom packaging. Home Depot drop shipper’s customers receive their orders in Home Depot packaging resulting in them checking the Home Depot website. Upon seeing the same item at a lower price, customers often get angry and return the parcel.

Order Cancellation

Home Depot limits order cancellation time to just 45 minutes. Which is very less. Often buyers cancel their orders after a few hours and then, as a drop shipper, you will have to pay for the return delivery charges. However, using their 90 days return policy, you can take the item and get it returned or exchanged with another item from any physical Home Depot store. Regretfully, this is only available for people who can reach Home Depot physical stores easily.

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