How Long Does it Take To Paint a Room?

How Long Does it Take to Paint a Room?

Painting a room does not seem to be a tough task until you have done it the wrong way. Honestly, it is so easy that everyone can do it by themselves but for this, you have to take care of a few things. Obviously, there are some skills that professional painters possess that is why they are making money. No skill or art is as simple as it looks like. People generally ask the shopkeeper that how long does it take to paint a room? They usually focus on the time required and the amount of paint that is necessary. But what we do not know is what are the tips and tricks to painting like a professional. Once you are confident enough to paint your room then you can successfully try to do some custom work too.

How long does it take to paint a room?

How long to paint a room calculator 

You may find many simple calculators on the internet to calculate the time. But it purely depends upon the brand and type of paint. However, a rough idea can be developed from an online paint calculator where you have to enter the height and width of the room and have to subtract the window and door from it. If you are planning to paint your ceiling too then you have to mention it.

Similarly, you will find many people talking about the trends and color palettes. Keep in mind that there are always lighting effects on color samples. For a better idea and to avoid any inconvenience, try to visit and check the color done on any wall.

Tips for DIY painting you should know

diy painting tips painitng like a professional

Stir your paint can

Many people get confused about stirring the paint continuously or frequently which may result in thinner paint. But this is a wrong concept that comes from nowhere. You have to stir your paint can to avoid the thickness and paint drying out. You can use any stirrer for many people use a wooden stick however metal and plastic stirrers would work too. There is no hard and fast rule about the material, remember we want results with simple items.

Color making

If you are going to make your custom shade, always remember to have a large bucket so that you may get some shade for all of the walls. Making your desired shade and getting it done perfectly is tricky but you cannot risk painting your room by only making little amount because this may require multiple coats and you may go out of paint then.

Wall cleaning

Before initiating the project of the painting by yourself, make sure to make your wall clean and smooth enough. If your walls are having any types of holes or need scratching in some areas so this should be done before painting. Otherwise, you will end up by having poor results because the paint will not be smooth and the flaws of your wall will be visible enough.

Custom textures on the walls

By painting only, you can give multiple textures on your wall. There are many simple tricks available among which using tape is the most common. But before applying any trick make sure to paint the room and get an even color. Once the paint is dry, then you are safe to add texture as it will not have any impact on the finishing of baseline paint.

Keeping your tools in an accurate manner

This is one of the simplest yet important points. If you are unable to complete your paint in one day or going to take a break. There is no need to wash your tool and brushes like any other painting project. Just simply wrap your tool into any plastic and they are good to be used later.

Protecting the floor

Obviously, there is always a great mess even if you are painting a single room. Many people cover their flooring by using old pieces of cloth while some are lucky enough to manage using newspaper. However, as the trend of storing newspapers is reducing but every household always has garbage bags.

You can cut your garbage bag from the sides and make it double in size. This will cover your floor without any hustle. If you are getting out of plastic bags then you can use any large plastic to cover it as it will never let you down. Plastics do not absorb liquids. So the paint eventually dries on its surface and your floor will be safe for sure.

How to paint a room in one day

Painting a room in one day is no big deal. If you are looking for how long does it take to paint a room then you can surely get an estimate for it. As every product possesses different ingredients and each of them varies in many aspects. So it is difficult to calculate the exact time required to paint a room.

If you are going for simple wall paints then you may require a maximum of two coats of pairs and it can be done in a few hours. However, if you are going for any type of customization or design then it may take a longer time.

Painting a room using roller and spray

Before selecting your painting medium, make sure to have full command over it. If you are going for a roller then you have to cover it properly because the sides of the roller end up in a faded painting. While the spray is more typical because here you have to be careful about the usage of the product.

If you are not used to this medium then do not go for it because maybe you will waste a large amount of paint by just adjusting your mistakes. For doing it yourself, you can look at multiple quick YouTube videos to have an idea. Many videos are available on step-by-step guidance. Through this, you will be confident enough to select what you can do in an efficient and quicker way.

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