How should trash and recyclables be stored

How Should Trash and Recyclables be Stored?

In every sector, almost tons of waste are generated on daily basis. Unfortunately, only a few sectors give enough attention to sorting and storing separately the amount of trash and items that could be reused as recyclables. Keeping the traditional practices aside, if recycling is done on a micro level globally then this culture could help a lot to reduce the amount of waste generated. The actions of the public will aid to the environmental services and on a large scale eventually, will lead to a better tomorrow.

However, this job isn’t that much easy as it seems to be but through correct guidelines, this could be done and an individual can also make money through this. Different countries are encouraging their citizens for being part of this cause by offering different favors. From collecting the plastic bags in a separate box to having many bags filled with plastic bottles, there is a lot more to know about how should trash d recyclables be stored.

How Should Trash and Recyclables be Stored?

Why does sorting trash matter?

In an average of 1 ton of waste is generated yearly by only an individual. Sorting trash is much more important today because the amount of waste generated is increasing day by day. A study made by Environmental Protection Agency shows that almost 75 percent of waste generated in the United States of America can be recycled if correct sorting has been made. Further, the study tells that only 35 percent of the waste generated is designated to be recycled, the reason for this is a lack of sense of responsibility towards the environment and nature.

The recyclables are huge in variety, from paper, and boxes to containers and metal items. Every item needs to be stored in a different container. Similarly, the generation of each item also varies on a micro level. Apart from organic trash; inorganic trash like plastic bottles, papers, card boxes, and plastic bags are almost generated daily. But the generation of items like metal containers and electronics is occasional.

How to recycle at home

Recycling at home is just o simple if you know what to keep and what to throw. Generally, empty milk bottles, water bottles, and juice containers just need a wash before storage. However, card boxes must be flattered as through this these items will require lesser space. You can also sort plastic bowls, disposable salad boxes, and ice cream tubs with plastic bottles.

However, these can also be washed and stored for later use. All types of paper like newspapers, wrapping papers, brown paper bags, promotional papers, tissue papers, and paper towels can be recycled so this needs to be stored in a separate bin.

Items that can be recycled and reused

Recyclables and non-recyclables trash is generated then what happens to those which are not eligible for recycling? Trash like food leftovers, medical waste, toxic chemicals, and their containers, polystyrene containers, and grease oils are unable to be recycled so these should be stored separately for disposal and then government officials will treat them.

Ideas to improve your trash recycling

Trash recycling can only be a successful practice when the whole family is willingly involved and enjoys the process. So it is really important to involve your whole family so that the process may become a habit. Another tip is to minimize the use of tissue paper, plastic bags, and cotton pads. If you only focus on limiting your use of tissue paper in toilets, cleaning, and kitchen towels – you will witness a major difference in the amount of trash generated daily. This will not only help to produce lesser waste but also will aid in the low amount of tissue required per month.

Always keep your recyclable trash items clean and store them in a dry place. Also, try to recycle the used water for planting and cleaning purposes. For a sustainable and better environment, try not to dispose of your used or old clothes but rather share them with those who cannot afford or swipe them from any thrift store. If you are unable to find any thrift store near your location, you can also look for it on different social media platforms.

How does recycling save energy?

No doubt, recycling saves a lot of energy resources and renews the item in a very lesser amount. The item that is on the top of the list for saving a lot of energy and money, is metallic items and electronics. These items require less energy and are ready for reuse which not only gives a greater value but also helps the environment from toxicity and pollution.

Selling recyclable waste

Have you ever thought to turn your most unwanted item which is waste generated on daily basis into value and make some money? Yes, you have read it right! You can turn your trash into value by sorting and storing it in a correct manner. You just have to look for perks your state offers as many countries ask for empty water bottles and give you free tickets in return.

However, few of them offer some money back when you return empty milk bottles. If you are unable to find any of these, you can unite with your community members and contract with any local recycler.

Generally, recyclers are more interested in collecting such items as it’s their business to add value to unwanted items. So, next time before disposing of the trash just give a thought that how should trash and recyclables be stored in your home to make some money from them.

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