How to Breed a Bowgart – Know the Breeding Strategies

Breeding Bowgarts in the fantastical world of My Singing Monsters is a delightful pursuit that brings both joy and harmony to your musical island. These lovable, multi-eyed creatures have become a favorite among players, and perfect answer to how to breed a Bowgart is a key element in building a successful and harmonious Monster orchestra. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Bowgart breeding, providing you with tips and tricks to maximize your chances of hatching these charming monsters.

How to Breed a Bowgart – Know the Breeding Strategies

Understanding Bowgarts for Breeding

Before delving into the breeding process, it’s crucial to understand the characteristics of Bowgarts. Bowgarts are a hybrid Monster, combining the Earth and Cold elements. Their distinct appearance, with multiple eyes and a unique musical talent, makes them a sought-after addition to any Monster collection.

Breeding Structure

To begin your Bowgart breeding journey, you’ll need to construct a Breeding Structure on your island. This structure is the breeding ground where the magic happens. The basic Breeding Structure allows for two Monsters to be placed, increasing the chances of a successful breeding combination. However, upgrading your Breeding Structure to higher levels further enhances your odds of breeding rare Monsters, including Bowgarts.

Elemental Combinations for Bowgarts

As mentioned earlier, Bowgarts are a fusion of Earth and Cold elements. To successfully breed a Bowgart, you must pair Monsters that represent these elements. A recommended combination for breeding Bowgarts is to use a Mammott and a Noggin. The Mammott brings the Earth element, while the Noggin contributes the Cold element, creating a harmonious blend for Bowgart breeding.

To maximize your chances of breeding a Bowgart, you need to experiment with different elemental combinations. The recommended combinations for Bowgart breeding are:

  • Toe Jammer (Plant) + Mammott (Cold)
  • Noggin (Plant) + Mammott (Cold)

These combinations provide the required elemental mix for Bowgart hatching. Remember to be patient, as breeding outcomes can be unpredictable.

Optimizing Breeding Times for Bowgarts

Every breeding attempt has a specific time duration before the results are revealed. To optimize your breeding strategy, it’s essential to understand the breeding times associated with each combination. For Bowgarts, the Mammott and Noggin combination typically takes around 12 hours. To minimize waiting times and increase your chances of success, it’s advisable to have multiple Breeding Structures on your island, allowing you to run simultaneous breeding attempts.

Timing is everything in the world of My Singing Monsters. Consider planning your breeding attempts during special events or promotions that increase the chances of successfully breeding rare monsters. Events often provide bonuses, making it an opportune time to try your luck at bringing a Bowgart to life on your island.

Unity Tree – An Asset

The Unity Tree is a valuable asset in enhancing your breeding outcomes. By regularly collecting Unity Tree rewards, you can earn valuable items that boost your monsters’ happiness and, consequently, their breeding success rates. Make it a habit to check your Unity Tree and collect rewards to keep your monsters in high spirits.

Enhancing Breeding Odds

Boosting your chances of breeding a Bowgart involves strategic planning and optimization. Here are some tips to enhance your breeding odds that contributes to “how to breed a Bowgart” journey.

  1. Level Up Your Monsters: The level of your Monsters influences the success rate of breeding. Higher-level Monsters have better chances of producing rare offspring, including Bowgarts.
  2. Use Rare Monsters: Introducing rare Monsters into the breeding process increases the likelihood of hatching rare Monsters like Bowgarts. Experiment with different combinations, incorporating Monsters with unique traits.
  3. Utilize Breeding Bonuses: Keep an eye on special events or promotions that offer breeding bonuses. These bonuses can significantly increase your chances of breeding rare Monsters within a limited timeframe.
  4. Upgrade Breeding Structures: Investing in the upgrade of your Breeding Structures is a long-term strategy. Higher-level structures provide better odds for breeding rare Monsters, making them a worthwhile investment.
  5. Experiment with Ethereal and Shugafam Monsters: While the primary combination for Bowgart breeding involves Earth and Cold elements, don’t hesitate to experiment with Ethereal and Shugafam Monsters. These unique creatures might introduce unexpected results and add an extra layer of excitement to your breeding endeavors.

Socializing for Success

Engaging with the social aspects of My Singing Monsters can bring additional benefits to your breeding endeavors. Visiting other players’ islands and lighting their Wishing Torches increases your chances of receiving valuable rewards, including relics and diamonds. These rewards can be instrumental in improving your breeding structures and leveling up your monsters.

Incorporating Decorations

Decorations not only add aesthetic appeal to your island but can also influence your monsters’ performance. Place decorations that align with the Plant and Cold elements to create a harmonious atmosphere for Bowgart breeding. Experiment with different combinations of decorations to find the optimal setup for successful breeding.

Stay In-Tune with Updates

My Singing Monsters frequently releases updates with new features, monsters, and breeding combinations. Stay informed about the latest updates to take advantage of new breeding possibilities. The developers may introduce special events or promotions that offer unique breeding opportunities, so keeping an eye on announcements ensures you don’t miss out on exciting chances to breed Bowgarts.

Learn from Failures

Not every breeding attempt will result in a Bowgart, and that’s okay. Use failed attempts as learning opportunities. Analyze the combinations you’ve tried, the levels of your monsters, and the breeding times. Adjust your strategy based on what you’ve learned to improve your chances in subsequent attempts.


Breeding a Bowgart in My Singing Monsters is a rewarding and entertaining process that adds depth to your musical island. By understanding the elemental combinations, optimizing breeding times, and implementing strategic enhancements, you can master the art of Bowgart breeding. Now you have got the answer to how to bred a Bowgart so go on and experience the joy.

Experiment, enjoy the process, and watch as your Monster orchestra grows with the addition of these lovable, multi-eyed companions. Happy breeding!

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