How to breed a Grumpyre – A Comprehensive Guide

In the fantastical world of My Singing Monsters, the Grumpyre stands out as a unique and sought-after creature. With its enigmatic appearance and haunting melodies, breeding a Grumpyre has become a challenge that many monster enthusiasts eagerly take on. For successful breeding one should know how to breed a Grumpyre.

In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of breeding a Grumpyre, providing step-by-step instructions, tips, and insights to help you successfully summon this elusive monster.

How to breed a Grumpyre – A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the breed of Grumpyre

Before embarking on the breeding journey, it’s crucial to have a solid understanding of what makes the Grumpyre tick. This rare monster is known for its brooding personality and hauntingly beautiful tunes. To summon a Grumpyre, you’ll need to combine specific elements and meet certain conditions in your Monster Islands.

Breeding Conditions for Grumpyre

The Grumpyre is not your average monster; it requires a unique set of conditions to be met before it graces your island with its presence. To increase your chances of breeding a Grumpyre, follow these guidelines:

How to breed a Grumpyre?

Grumpyre Breeding Combinations

The key to successfully breeding a Grumpyre lies in discovering the right combinations of monsters on the Ethereal Island. Two specific monsters, the Reedling and the PomPom, are crucial components of the Grumpyre breeding process. Place these monsters in the breeding structure on the Ethereal Island and wait patiently for the magic to happen. Keep in mind that the breeding process may take some time, so exercise patience as you await the arrival of your Grumpyre.

Unlocking the Ethereal Island

To begin your quest for a Grumpyre, you must first unlock the Ethereal Island. This mystical island is a sanctuary for Ethereal monsters and serves as the breeding ground for these unique creatures. To unlock the Ethereal Island, reach level 13 and follow the in-game prompts to obtain the required relics. Once unlocked, you can start creating combinations to summon the elusive Grumpyre.

Optimal Placement on Ethereal Island

Placement of monsters on the Ethereal Island plays a significant role in the success of your breeding attempts. To enhance your chances of obtaining a Grumpyre, strategically arrange your monsters, placing the Reedling and PomPom in close proximity. Experiment with different placements and observe how it influences the breeding outcome. Some players have reported increased success by arranging the monsters in a specific pattern, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find the configuration that works best for you.

Elemental Composition Suitable for breeding Grumpyre

Grumpyres are composed of the Air and Water elements. Therefore, ensure that your breeding combination includes monsters with these elemental affiliations.
Special Islands:

Grumpyres are known to be temperamental and prefer to emerge from the shadows on specific islands. The Ethereal Island is the primary habitat for Grumpyres, so make sure you have this island unlocked and available.

Time of Day

Timing is everything in the world of My Singing Monsters, especially when it comes to breeding rare creatures like the Grumpyre. Take note of the breeding times for the Reedling and PomPom, as they can significantly impact the success of your breeding attempts. Syncing their breeding cycles can increase the likelihood of obtaining a Grumpyre, so pay close attention to the timers and coordinate your breeding efforts accordingly.

Grumpyres are creatures of the night. To maximize your chances of breeding success, try breeding during the evening or nighttime hours within the game.
Breeding Combinations:

Experimenting with various monster combinations is the key to unlocking the secrets of breeding a Grumpyre.

Here are some recommended combinations to increase your chances:

Toe Jammer + Quibble

This classic combination has been known to yield successful results. Place the Toe Jammer and Quibble on the Ethereal Island, and with some patience, you might witness the emergence of a Grumpyre.

Reedling + Scups

Mixing the melodies of Reedling and the aquatic charm of Scups on the Ethereal Island can be a winning combination. Keep trying until the Grumpyre makes its appearance.
Tips for Success:

Upgrade Your Breeding Structure for Grumpyre

Enhance your breeding structure on the Ethereal Island to increase your chances of successful combinations. Upgrading the structure provides a boost to breeding speed and success rates.
Be Patient and Persistent:

Breeding a Grumpyre is not an instant process. It requires patience and persistence. Keep experimenting with different combinations, and don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

Utilize Rare and Epic Monsters

Incorporate rare and epic monsters into your breeding combinations to improve your odds. Rare and epic monsters often bring unique elements to the mix, increasing the chances of summoning a Grumpyre.

Leveling Up Your Monsters

Increasing the level of your monsters can positively influence the breeding process. As your monsters level up, their breeding success rates improve, enhancing your chances of obtaining a Grumpyre. Invest in feeding your Reedling and PomPom to higher levels before attempting to breed a Grumpyre, and you may find that the results are more favorable.

Utilize Wishing Torches

Wishing Torches are a valuable resource in My Singing Monsters, providing a boost to the happiness and production of monsters on the Ethereal Island. By activating Wishing Torches near the breeding structure, you can increase the chances of breeding rare monsters, including the elusive Grumpyre. Regularly light these torches to maintain a positive environment for your monsters and improve your odds of success.

Patience and Persistence

Breeding a Grumpyre is not a guaranteed process, and patience is key. It may take several attempts before you successfully obtain a Grumpyre, so remain persistent and don’t get discouraged by initial failures. Each breeding attempt brings you one step closer to adding this unique monster to your collection.

Sync Your In-Game Clock

To align with the Grumpyre’s nocturnal nature, consider adjusting your in-game clock to the evening or night. This small tweak might make a significant difference in your breeding success.


Breeding a Grumpyre in My Singing Monsters is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. By understanding the elemental requirements, breeding conditions, and experimenting with various combinations, you can increase your chances of summoning this mysterious and musical monster. Now you get to know how to breed Grumpyre. Remember, persistence is key, and with the right strategy, you’ll soon have a Grumpyre gracing your Ethereal Island with its haunting presence. Happy breeding!

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