How to check Movistar number How to know the number of Movistar Sim

How to Check Movistar Number? How to Know the Number of Movistar Sim?

Getting trouble while remembering phone numbers is so common nowadays. As we are getting modern we are becoming dependent too. From keeping numbers saved in your home diary to saving everything on your mobile phone. But what to do when you forget your own mobile number? This looks so simple but at the same time, it creates so much frustration that how to check Movistar number? How to know the number of Movistar sim?

Well, there is nothing to worry about as you have reached the place where you will find every possible way to check your mobile number.

If three is any other tip too, do not feel resistant to share them with us through the comments section. Till then, read further to know how to check Movistar numbers in just simple and alternative ways.

How to Check Movistar Number? How to Know the Number of Movistar Sim?

How to check Movistar sim number using balance

To know your Movistar number with a balance is something that is really simple. Just make a call to another phone or send an SMS to any phone that is available next to you. If none of these are possible then call on Movistar customer service by dialing on +3 490 020 0184 (if you are from Spain). To contact the customer service of any other region you have to dial the designated code of your region. They will confirm your identity and then solve your problem in just a few minutes. 

How to check Movistar sim number without balance

Having credit on your sim or chip all the time is something that everyone wishes for. But one should be prepared for those unexpected scenarios when one is highly dependent. If you have forgotten your Movistar number and do not possess enough balance in your chip so there is nothing to worry about. As you can check Movistar number without balance for free. There are multiple options to be adopted which are mentioned below along with the necessary details.

Code # 1 – *#61#

  • Simply dial the code *#61# from your activated Movistar number. 
  • Click on “Send” or “Enviar” (Enviar is a Spanish word that means send)to complete the process. 
  • Your Movistar chip number will pop up on your screen. 

Code # 2- *#67#

  • If the first code does not work for you. Then you can try by dialing code *#67# and calling on this code. 
  • By sending this code you will get your chip number as it will appear on the screen of your mobile. 

Code # 3 – *611#

  • To find the Movistar number Columbia, you have to dial code *611# from your Movistar mobile. 
  • Then click on the option “Query” which will be there on the third number. 
  • Then click on the available option named as “Inquires and Services” or “Account Information”.
  • At this point, you can easily get to know your chip number. 

how to know the number of movistar sim or chip

Few Other Ways to Check Movistar Number for Free

There are some other tricks to check your number for free which are available on the spot but we didn’t get the idea to check. Everyone gets a card while buying a new sim or chip. A card in which a sim or chip is attached. Obviously, there are a lot of people who do not throw that card into the dustbin and put it in some safe place. If you are organized and lucky enough to have that card then just go for it your number is already mentioned there.

Other than this, if you are having a postpaid sim then your invoice has each and every detail so check your number through that. Moreover, if you have any other phone available just give a missed call on your phone or from your friends’ phone. If nothing is working for you then go and check the contact details of any of your social media platformsInstagram and Facebook are the most common ones to be used by every single person. Just check your mobile number from your account within a few minutes.

How to get Movistar sim number from eBay

For tourists and visitors getting a local sim card is one of the toughest tasks because they are new and get confused with multiple options. If you are planning to visit then you can buy sim cards or chips online on eBay. This option is much better as it not only saves time but also is pre-activated so your personal details will be required.

If you are not satisfied, then rather than buying from any other section it is recommended that use your existing sim card on roaming and buy Movistar sim or chip (sim cards are also known as chips locally) from a local store.

What to do if you have lost your Movistar number? 

Whenever you buy a new Movistar sim, get yourself registered first. The Movistar IMEI registry of your mobile phone is so much important. Through this, whenever you lost your phone or get it snatched or stolen you can report it on this platform. The customer service team will either locate your cell phone or help you to block your number or device. In this way, your personal contacts and data will be saved from being leaked or misused.

Movistar home – all about its offers and benefits 

If we say that Movistar is a single place to fulfill all the requirements of your house then it will not be a wrong statement. Movistar not only offers you unique mobile packages but also its services also include home Wi-Fi, Movistar play, telephone service, Movistar TV, and internet too. If you are planning to get these offers, definitely you will save a lot as being a loyal and regular customer. Also, if you are satisfied with its Wi-Fi speed then you should get these offers for sure.

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