How to Register and Activate Tigo Sim Card

How to Register and Activate Tigo Sim Card?

Whenever you buy any sim card the very first step to make it legally yours is to register it on your identity. Tigo sim cards can be brought from any authorized Tigo store, online store/website, or distributor. Here you will find every possible way and all your answers regarding how to register and activate Tigo sim card Colombia.

Registration seems to be the most important step but an inactivated sim card may result in a blocked one in the future. So registration and activation are necessary for any sim card to function properly.

Tigo sim cards possess different methods for registration and so for activation of postpaid and prepaid sim cards. Moreover, in this article, you will also get to know the process required for blocking any Tigo sim card Colombia.

How to Register and Activate Tigo Sim Card Colombia?

How to Register Tigo Sim Card?

To register a Tigo sim card Colombia or to legalize your sim on your identity there are simple ways with only a few steps to be followed.

Register Tigo Sim Card Colombia through Mobile Phone

If you are the one who always prefers to deal with mobile phones and looking for how to register Tigo sim using the mobile phone. Just follow the below steps and you are done.

  1. Dial the code *322 from your mobile phone.
  2. Now enter the number present on your identity card without the following dots and in the end press “#”.
  3. The final step is to enter the exact date of the issue of your identity card.

Register Tigo Sim Card Colombia Online through the Website

The steps to be followed for online registration is quite similar to those of activation.

  1. Use your browser to reach the site and enter the owner’s document number or identity number. Select the option named “Continue”.
  2. A confirmation notification will pop up on the screen. Check the document number and if there is no error then click on the “Continue” or “Yes, the information is correct” option.
  3. You are done here. Your sim is registered now you have to consider the steps for its activation only.

Register Tigo Sim Card Colombia through Customer Service

To register Tigo sim card on your identity number or name through customer service you can either contact either through UNE voice call or Whatsapp chat. You can also visit any nearest Tigo office to get the process done.

Through this channel of sim card registration, the representative will ask some security questions in order to verify your identity.

How to Activate Tigo Sim Card?

The process to activate the Tigo sim card is so simple and can be done online while resting on your couch. To activate your new Tigo sim card make sure you have followed the below requirements.

  1. Tigo sim card should be inserted in any mobile phone that works properly.
  2. Airplane mode should be off and you have to connect your mobile with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Set your mobile data on in order to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. Make sure you have only one sim card inserted in your mobile regardless of double sim cards inserted at the same time. Only one sim that needs activation should be there at a time.

Through an activated Tigo sim card you will get complete access to enjoy its roaming services, Tigo voice mail services, and Deezer Tigo. You have to set up and configure Tigo APN on your mobile phone in order to have access to its data network.

For this, you may contact its customer service if there is any technical problem.

How to Activate Prepaid Tigo Sim Card?

Tigo offers its prepaid users amazingly attractive packages to select and enjoy according to their needs and consumption. The users enjoy not only budget-friendly packages but also Tigo top-ups and other perks without any additional or hidden charges.

To activate your prepaid Tigo sim card just follow the below simple steps.

  1. Use your browser to reach the site to activate a prepaid Tigo sim card.
  2. Enter the necessary details about the owner’s document number and select the option named “Continue”.
  3. Now a form will appear which requires information about the owner. Enter the Tigo sim owner’s personal data and then select “Continue”.
  4. You will get multiple Tigo prepaid sim packages, select the one which is best for you and select “Activate”.
  5. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Just restart the mobile phone to complete the activation process.
  6. You will get a confirmation SMS on your mobile phone and you are good to go.

Postpaid Tigo Sim Card Activation

You can get Tigo postpaid sim cards from any authorized distributor or store and even online from the website. But for a postpaid sim, it is necessary to select your desired package before activation of the sim.

Just like the prepaid procedure, first, you have to reach the site from your browser. Then simple the following steps to get your activation done

  1. The very first step is to enter the owner’s document number and click on “Continue”.
  2. Then just like prepaid, you have to enter the sim card owner’s personal information and then select the option named “Continue”.
  3. After that select, the option “Activate a new Tigo line“.
  4. Now enter the Tigo line and sim card code then select the option “Scan Physical Card.
  5. Here you have to upload a clear picture of the code available on the back of the Tigo sim card Colombia.
  6. You are almost done here. Just sign your contract digitally and verify all the information you have entered. Check the information you have entered to assure there is no error in the data. Read the terms and conditions and click on “Continue” to complete the activation process of your sim Tigo Colombia.
  7. By verifying the identity you can select the line number for your Tigo sim and get the security code for that. If you are unable to find your number you can choose the option available named “None is my current line”. By selecting this, you will be asked some more security questions by team Tigo.

Having trouble?

If still your problem is not solved, you can contact immediate customer care chat services through the WhatsApp option available. Another way is to prove your identity by uploading your ID and picture and completing the activation process.

Now again you will have to go through the process from step 1 to upload a photo. Step 2 sign Tigo Colombia digital contract. Step 3 upload pictures of the ID card from both sides (make sure the picture is clear).

Read the complete terms and conditions and accept by signing the contract. A confirmation message will pop up on the screen now you have to restart your mobile phone. Then your Tigo postpaid sim will be activated and you will get another confirmation SMS.

If you are facing any technical issues then you can contact the customer service representative. If you find Tigo sim Colombia inappropriate for you, you can cancel the plan and block your sim card anytime you want by clearing your bill. There are no other hidden charges apart from your billing amount.

Steps to Block Tigo Sim Card

In case you are not satisfied with the services of Tigo sim Colombia. If you have lost your sim or a mobile phone; you can immediately block your sim card. Remember, this process is irreversible and will result in the blocking or inactivation of your sim card permanently.

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