How to Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

How to Sleep After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars in the back of your mouth. The last of your teeth to appear in the mouth is wisdom teeth. Sometimes it becomes stuck below the surface of your gums and grows at an odd anglecausing complications. Continue reading for more information about “how to sleep after wisdom teeth removal” and “what necessary precautions to take”.

What wisdom teeth symbolizes?

Do everyone gets wisdom teeth?

No, not everyone has wisdom teeth. It usually emerges at some point during the late teens and early adult years. While many people may have wisdom teeth one to four, some people don’t have them at all. it’s all down to genetics and chances of whether or not you will grow a full set.

For most people, if the wisdom teeth haven’t grown through their mid-20 then they will never come. One shouldn’t expect to see wisdom teeth come past the age of 30 as this is highly uncommon.

Purpose of wisdom teeth

One belief is that wisdom teeth served as replacement teeth for our distant ancestors. These teeth helped them to chew rough and hard items such as nuts, roots, meats and leave.

It is also said that these teeth appear so late at the time age when a person is mature and in adulthood. So it is the symbol of wisdom in a person.

Is the removal of wisdom teeth have some disadvantages?  Not severe, the removal of wisdom teeth like any other teeth may cause damage to some nerves during surgery. It can also cause bleeding or numbness.

How to sleep after wisdom teeth removal?

This depends upon the time of recovery. During this recovery time, it is not recommended to sleep on your side or your stomach as it can add extra pressure on your cheek area by squishing it. It can also direct blood to the area due to gravity.

It is recommended to sleep on your head elevated for around three to seven days.

How to sleep after one day or two days of wisdom teeth removal. Sleep with an elevated head for at least three days (72 hours) or until the bleeding has stopped.

Can you sleep on side after wisdom teeth removal?

Unfortunately NO, until the recovery, you have to sleep on your back. There is no specific time for this, this all depends upon your recovery time which is mostly around three to seven days. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach because it can squish your cheeks and this can add extra pressure on the surgery area causing pain or sometimes bleeding.

Which are the most painful days after tooth extraction?

Usually, the first two days after surgery are worse. On the first day, the sensation of pain is less because the painkillers and the sedatives used are still in the bloodstream and you don’t feel any pain as you will feel on the second day.

Another question often asked by people is, is it ok to have a shower after the wisdom teeth removal? 

The answer is YES, it is fine to take shower after teeth removal. The thing is that you might have to take some precautions as you are using painkillers or there is no proper nourishment so be careful when you are going to change your position from laying down to standing up position to avoid any dizziness.

Can all wisdom teeth be removed at once?

The answer is YES. One can have surgery to remove all the wisdom teeth at once. 

Some may ask that can the removal of wisdom teeth changes face shape? The answer is no, removal of one tooth or all 4 wisdom teeth will not likely change the face shape.

Many models have removed their wisdom teeth as they look at high cheekbones. Removal of wisdom teeth also does not have any effect on the shape of the jaw line. Wisdom teeth extraction will not change your face shape or jawline.  

What precautions one should take after wisdom teeth removal?

No, it is not safe to sleep on the ice pack. Ice packs can be used on your face to decrease the pain and reduce the swelling but don’t sleep with ice packs on. Instead, you can drink cold water and can take prescribed medication. It is also recommended to not brush your teeth or do any mouth wash after the removal of teeth. You can brush your teeth the next day but avoid the clean the teeth near the healing area and being gentle near the extraction site.


It is suggested to drink lots of water after teeth surgery. But one should avoid drinking hot beverages, carbonated drinks, alcohol, or caffeinated drinks on the first day of surgery. Avoid the use of straws for drinking purpose as it can cause dislodge of the blood clot in the socket because of inhalation pressure.

One of the causes of dislodging a blood clot in the socket is spitting. This can cause bleeding and dry socket pain. Instead, you can gently rinse water in your mouth and let water fall passively.

Benefit of using salt water after wisdom teeth removal

The use of salt water after teeth surgery is very beneficial. As salt water is having healing properties so it is very beneficial to use salt water after teeth removal.

After the three days of teeth removal, it will be naturally healed to some extent, you will not feel pain or discomfort. There will be no bleeding and minimal swelling.

Myths related to wisdom teeth removal

There are some myths related to the removal of wisdom teeth that can affect eyesight, hearing, or brain. Removal of wisdom teeth will not affect eyesight at all.

But an exception it can cause blindness as all the nerves of the human body are connected. But most commonly this is not the case because the blood supply of teeth is very different from that of the brain, eyes, and ears.

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