Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

The modern designs which look really attractive have few points which a common man generally ignores. All the houses which we find in model designs have large windows, open spaces, and a minimalist look. Always remember, if you have limited space or you are covering a small area then you have to go for those tips which give spacious look to your house. Low budget modern 3 bedroom house design does not need any luxury items.

You can design the house according to the tour budget by adding a few details. A large open hall area, open kitchen, little green area, and large windows are basic ideas to be adopted. This will make your house look luxurious with a natural touch. You do not have to worry about the lights during day time as sunlight from large windows will give it a dramatically modern look.

Another really important aspect is lighting that will enhance the look of your house during nighttime. Similarly, adding some plants inside your house will also give a natural and sophisticated vibe. If you’re inspired by any house, try to give attention to its little details. Such as, many people prefer to have higher walls than usual. Some people do not place a lot of furniture in their home which gives spacious look. Moreover, hanging large wall decorations or a few paintings will go with any type of theme or design.

Low Budget Modern 3 Bedroom House Design

How do you design house plans?

For any house plan, the first thing which needs your attention is the floor plan. To design a complete floor plan you have to be clear about what is the total area and what you want your house to look like. For this, you may need assistance with the open spaces and windows. But the rest you can design by yourself. When you create a floor plan, you will add exact measurements for each room and the furniture. While designing your house, make sure your plan needs to be flexible.

As if in future if you want to convert office room into a guest room you will be able to do so. If you have so many guests who visit regularly, you would need open space in your hall. This may help to cater to a large number of people and will not make your house look congested.

3 room house design in village

Generally, people living in the village prefer open spaces as they are comfortable in the fresh air. They usually practice those activities which require much open space rather than covered ones. No doubt, low budget modern 3 bedroom house design in the village will somehow look like same as one in the city.

But the priority may differ a lot. In cities, people love lawn areas and a large hall used as a living room. However, in villages people needs a simple open area that is also suitable for children to play. Not only that, they love to sit and enjoy the freshness of the open sky. So, the priority will affect the entire design of the house.

What is the 3D design of the house?

The 3D design of your house allows you to have an Ariel view of how your house will look in a certain design. Here you will be looking at each and every detail you are planning to have. This not only included the basic structure of the house. But the wall paint, tiles, and lighting will also b included along with the setting of furniture.

In short, you will get an idea of what your house will look like with complete interior details. To have this view, you need to hire an architect whose costs may vary. Generally, this will cost from $100 to $700 depending upon your requirements and needs.

Can I design my own house without an architect?

Of course, one can design his own house but to make it look like professional work you may need assistance. You can hire a private architect or designer to add little details. Hiring a professional has never been a bad idea as they know how to enhance the look. They can guide you in a way that you may have never thought of.

Similarly, your contractor may also have already hired architects and this could be included in your package as a whole. You just have to be enough aware of what you want. Because professionals will help you to get your ideal design within your budget.

Tips to consider while planning low budget modern house design

Before finalizing any plan for your house, one should consider the following tips. Analyze your design to know whether it fits under the category of modern design or not. Simply, go through the short description to have resulted in a quicker way.


The most important thing that owns the top position is ventilation. If your house is designed in a way that gives you poor ventilation, then you will lose the value of your property. Even if you do not like the heat and prefer air conditioners still you have to focus on ventilation. In other words, the value of a property highly depends on its ventilation.

Interior Designing

To have a low budget modern design, you have to give a minimalist look to your house. Add features that cost in your budget and enhance the look. Remember, modern does not mean that you have to spend a lot on expensive decor. But you can simply add lights to your false ceiling; add mirrors to your large wall and some candles or large plants will do wonders. To give your house a wider look, do not forget to have your ceilings up to 10 to 12 feet higher. For paints and wall decor, get some inspiration from brands like IKEA who prefer budget friendly yet unique decor.

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